tricks to help you write an essay

Those college or high school essays will often pop up in homework assignments, exams, and sometimes in surprise classroom tests. Becoming proficient in writing essays - whether improvised or planned - will put you ahead in your studies and positively affect your final results.

Develop your ideas first

Always take a fair amount of time to decide what you want to write or do not hesitate to look for custom essay writing online. This planning process is an important step in selecting the direction of your essay. Your points must be fully recognized before you can successfully develop them.

Once you’ve decided what to write, develop those key ideas into subjects that can be elaborated on. If you feel like you may forget what to write under each section, make short bullet points under each one to serve as a content map.

Now that you’ve got some decent content in mind, make sure you connect that content in a readable manner. Let every paragraph (including your introduction) lead into its following section so that flow is achieved.

Write your point

A great tactic to remember is to write the points you have thought up in bullet point format before you transform them into sentences. Try to convey one point per sentence, as this will win you more points when your essay is being marked.

Keep in mind that each sentence should contain a point, meaning that the more sentences you have, the more points you will get. For this reason, try to cut away words that fail to convey the point or that are just there to fill space. You want to fit in more information by using less words—this is what ensures a high scoring essay.

Make lots of changes

This is easy to do if you are typing out your essay as a homework assignment. But if you are writing your essay by hand, make sure you put everything down on a rough draft first. This allows you to make changes at a whim without messing up your final essay.

Once you have everything the way you want it, write it down neatly as your final paper in the order and style you want it. You may find that some additional changes need to be made at this point, so make them carefully—unless you want to start all over again.

Memorize a general essay formula

When you know what to expect every time an essay pops up in front of you, your confidence will grow and writing will begin to come easier. A way to make this happen is to familiarize yourself with a basic essay strategy which can be used for almost any essay and subject. Memorize this formula and apply it to your essays.

You can formulize a good strategy by purchasing a previously written essay and studying the format used, and then adapting it to create your own.

Become an avid proof reader

One sure way to score higher on your essay is to proofread more than ever before. The more you scan over your work, the more you can work at refining it.

Bear in mind that proofreading should be done with a clear mind. This can be hard if you are in an exam situation, but even a few minutes of escaping from your work can clear your head and allow you to scrutinize it with fresh eyes. If you do have the time, take an hour long break in between proofreading so that needed changes pop out more clearly.