Business Information Systems In The Market Success Of Firms

Businesses today are searching for new ways to improve the market success of their firms. Using new promotional tools and business information systems gives growing companies an unprecedented opportunity for market success in their firm around the world. It also provides national growth for sales forces and an expanse into global markets.

When a company uses personal selling as a promotional tool outside of their home country faces potential environmental issues such as a continually changing environment. If a person is attempting to sell a product or service in an unfamiliar environment they may be met with cultural differences. They might come across as rude because they make major mistakes. One major challenge in changing environments might be for a female salesperson who must reach their counterparts in a Middle Eastern country or Islamic country. In these regions, it would be challenging for the female because she would not be considered equal to the male leaders of the area and would therefore not be able to discuss sales issues and promote the product or service the same as a man. There might be restricted areas where a female could not enter, and being completely covered would also present challenges in terms of the presentation.

Management’s orientation correlates with decisions about the sales force nationality greatly. If a management orientation is ethnocentric then they will be focused on ethnicity. The strategic orientation would be the home country orientation. This would function best for finance and industrial products in developing countries. If a management orientation is polycentric then it would be based on political orientation. The strategic orientation would be on host country oriented, best for marketing and consumer goods. If the management orientation was geocentric then it would focus on the geography. The strategic orientation would be globally oriented and it would function best for R&D in the U.S. and Europe.

Today there is a growing importance in infomercials, sponsorship, and product placement for global markets. Global markets need to reach as many people as possible and aim for their target audience as best as possible. Much of that has to do with social networks and their rising importance in the global market. In order to reach target audiences, companies need to have the correct sponsorship. This can be in the form of a Twitter follower who has a large following themselves which can aid better reach target audiences.