What Are The Key Components To Writing A Five-Paragraph Academic Essay?

Well, one of the basic requirements of producing a great literary piece is paragraphing. The question is; what does it mean? Fundamentally, it refers to a block of words formed by a number of sentences put together in a continuous prose but with appropriate usage of punctuation marks. Basic academic or essay writing requires a mastery of this concept. Agreeably, good paragraphing makes easy the process of reading. In this article however, we divulge a bit from this and take a look at what could be taken as the shortest essay. This is an essay that constitutes five paragraphs, let’s take a closer look.

The introduction

Introduction, also known as a thesis statement is what always introduces a story. This is essentially the first part of a five paragraph essay. An instruction should always be comprehensive enough to let readers know what a writer intend to write about. It is from this that the name thesis statement is often derived. Skeptical examiners will always look out for this important part, failure to which they may just ignore your paper or award low marks. So, ensure this part is more general than specific. It is basically an outline of what you want to talk about in the essay, except that it is always written in prose.

The first part/Nut graph

This is the sections that follows the introduction; immediately. In news essay, it is called the nut graph but there is no offense in giving it the simplest name; the first paragraph. Essentially, this is what serves as entry point through a topic statement that usually forms the first statement or sentence. It also serves the purpose of providing a gateway into divulging details of your writing.

The second part

This section often provides a deeper understanding into a piece of writing. It could be independent or serves to provide finer details of what the introduction briefed. In some instances, the third part of writing is known as a furtherance of the second part.

The Third part

To a five paragraph essay, this forth part can serve as a finality of espousing ideas. It is basically the last part that let’s readers know the process of writing is coming to an end.

The conclusion

Every piece of writing is fundamentally dependent on this. This is that section which ends a story through an all-inclusive summary of what has been written.