What Freedom Means To Me: Great Essay Ideas For Students

Freedom is the most valuable and precious gift any living being can have. It is not only we humans, which need to be free and act, speak, think, express and do anything at all with liberty. Every living creature on this Planet and the entire universe needs to have their freedom. They should be able to enjoy their life and act upon their will without any emotional, sociological, cultural, religious, and political restrictions. As kids, we learn various stories about pets and animals that yearned for a free life in their cages. Even though they are loyal to their masters, deep down inside everyone wants to live a life of their own choice. It is the same case with humans. It is not necessary that we have a physical cage around us to restrict us from acting upon our will. This cage can be any restriction imposed upon us by the families we have, the society we live in, the place we belong to, the government who rules us, the bosses who employ us and the persons we live with.

If a person is not free to think and act on his own then he will lose his motivation and urge to be productive and happy. A great philosopher once said, live and let live. This is freedom summarized in one sentence. You have all the right to make your own decisions and so does everyone else. No one has the right to control or alter the way other people live or think or act.

Another important idea you can consider for your paper on freedom is why people did not have these issues with freedom of speech, and freedom of life in the earlier times. The reason is capitalism again. Before the concept of private property and possession, everyone had the liberty to move, act, and live freely in a free environment. As humans started taking control of things, they intervened in every matter of life and started owning objects and having personal belongings. This is where it all began. The oppressed had no right to use or benefit from the private property of the bourgeois class.

You can also look at it from a political point of view. In the history of America, the civil war holds significant importance for the rights of African Americans and their freedom. They were treated in an inhumane manner before the civil rights movement started.