15 Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics For 9th Graders

Argumentative essays are written to promote thinking process among kids. This is a challenging task that nurtures many qualities. Students not only learn to organize their thoughts well but learn various modes of expression too. As you keep moving to higher grades, the type of essays and thought process becomes more intricate and you need to think on the topic from various angles. Brainstorming is the best way to write such argumentative essays. You need to sink your teeth well to spark interest in writing.

Following are great 15 thought provoking argumentative essays for 9th graders

  1. Are humans accountable for bringing huge climatic changes in the environment? Is Global warming a man made change? How? Discuss the role of ever increasing population in it? What are the other contributing factors that bring climatic degradation?
  2. How effective is death penalty? Will it eradicate crime from the society completely? How it can change perceptions of individuals towards burglary, women and kids violence?
  3. How fair is the election process? Can its level be increased? What are the chances of fair election system in upcoming future?
  4. Are colleges putting too much weight to standardized test scores?
  5. Should ragging be made part of colleges? Why?
  6. How logical are men getting paternity leave of 15 days from work?
  7. How fair is our taxation system?
  8. Can cheating be controlled in the examination completely?
  9. How fair is our dependence on computers? Is it hampering our health more or is blessing us with technological advancements?
  10. Are most of the parents clueless regarding online child predators? How they can keep a watch on them? Should they guide about various kinds of misconducts to their kids happening across the world? How justifiable it is to educate kids below 18 regarding such aspects?
  11. Is testing products on animals after research is reasonable? Why?
  12. Are cell phones more beneficial or dangerous? Weigh it in terms of its advantages and disadvantages?
  13. How legal are the test scores to test a student’s caliber? What are the other suggested measures to evaluate a student’s competency?
  14. Do developing and under developed nations have sort of throwaway society? Discuss the statement in terms of cast, creed, prejudices, religious beliefs, culture and people’s thought regarding inter-cast and inter- religion marriages?
  15. Does easy accessibility of condoms is leading more irresponsible and dangerous behavior? Is bad behavior superseding good code of conduct? What is the role of celebrities towards advertising this product? How teen pregnancy is rising steadily?