Private Vs Public Schools: Where Is Education Best Provided?

The ability to learn is seen throughout the animal kingdom. Thee are cases where a group of primates will over time adopt a behavior that only one individual stumbled upon because it proved useful. In humans, we usually attempt to encourage learning in our young under more formal circumstances. This is because the entire of human knowledge requires more intense periods of concentrated study than animals would consider. For this we have created education systems and schools, some of which are open to all while others come at a fee. This essay examines the advantages and disadvantageous of private and public schools.

Public Schools

For most parent, this is not just the best option but the only one when it comes to the education of their children. Without government subsidized education, their finances would not be able to cover an alternative. This results in a more diverse school population and a greater connection with the community in which the child lives. Unfortunately, many of these institutions do not receive adequate funding so that some of the more interesting programs get cut back. Music and art programs are often the first to go. Similarly, the extra curricular activities that children can access will be quite limited. In the absolute worst cases, these schools may be located in crime ridden areas which makes them dangerous to commute to.

Private Schools

Many parents would prefer to send their children to private schools but lack the fund. A minority does exist that consider these schools elitist and would prefer a public school with good facilities so that children get a more balanced view of society. The upside of this environment is that there will be many opportunities for networking and forming relationships with other people who are useful in a business context. They will also have access to better field trips and activities. The principals and teachers would have the freedom to arrange things that the average parent could not afford because there has already been a fair amount of price discrimination.

Children who have passed through either of these situations may have good or poor memories depending on a host of other unrelated factors that this essay could not adequately cover. What works best for one child may fail miserable for another so in deciding what is best, it may be necessary to alter the question to include ‘for whom’.