Public Policy And Social Science

It is safe to say that there is a science behind everything. How one individual survives with another in a society can also be studied in respect of a particular branch of science known as social science. Social science is the study and understanding of how the behavior of people is greatly influenced by the society they live in. Through the study of social science, a vivid understanding of how a society works can be understood. A lot of people believe and tend to see the limited version of the society they live in. This version is somewhat limited to their realm of existence. Social science stretches beyond that and creates an understanding with how a society works in reference to the various behavioral qualities of people. The questions that the study of social science raises are:

  1. Why do people believe in voting?
  2. What is it that will help a society grow in terms of economy?
  3. Why are there so many jobless individuals?
  4. What is the true meaning of happiness for people?

The reason why various organizations responsible for the well-being of a society get into social science is because it helps them answer the above questions. This creates a better understanding of what the people want and in turn allows them to actively provide solutions.

There are several branches of social science that deal with various more complex matters through a narrow and more focused channel. These include:

  1. Social statistics: as the name suggests, this is a more technical and mathematical collection of all the data that is collected in time.
  2. Environmental Planning: it is important to see what aspect of the environment is influencing human existence in both a positive and a negative manner. Environmental planning includes the implementation of acts that ensure the peaceful coexistence of humans and nature.
  3. Economics: this is another very significant branch of social sciences. The importing of products and the exporting of items falls into this category to ensure that the economy is kept in flux at all times.

There are several other branches too such as development studies, demography, human geography, studies related to management and business and several others.

Public Policy

These are the policies the government comes up with to ensure that the public’s needs are being catered to all times and in the most diligent manner. This is why its proper implementation is very significant within a society. The most diverse and vast branch of this term is law. Hence public policy includes matters like:

  1. Legislation
  2. Constitutional and International Law
  3. Implementation of law to ensure the protection of women and the minorities existing within a society. The issuance of grants.
  4. The refund of grants.

Hence, for a harmonious society, social sciences and public policy must go hand in hand.