An Easy Way To Compose An Essay On Importance Of English

Composing an essay on the importance of English can be one of the daunting tasks to many learners. Many of them passive it as a difficult topic to deliberate on because it is based on facts rather than just narration. In really sense it is not. It is one of the easiest topics to deliberate on. All you need is to put across concrete facts that depict the importance of English. If you are among the majority who has difficulty in writing this type of essay, then worry no more. Below is an easy guide that will see you compose a superb essay without any difficult;


Before you embark on you writing, take some time to plan your essay. Have your sketch written down. You will take a very short time to write the actual essay if you have planned it out. This also helps you to avoid leaving some gaps while writing because the plan will always guide you. A plan ensures that you accurately deliberate on what the question is asking you without beating around the bush.


This is what will give the audience the appetite of reading your essay. Therefore, it should capture their attention. For this topic, perhaps you can clearly illustrate the topic by giving a brief description regarding the history of English. This sets the pace for the reader and one gets to understand that the writer has a better understanding of the question.

The body

This is what forms the backbone of your essay. It is where you really get deep into the main topic which is the importance of English. In this section, you should be as elaborative as possible. Use illustrations and examples to support your points. Do not leave any point hanging. Present these points in a sequence starting with the most important such as its role in enhanced communication across the globe up to the least importance.


This is where you put everything into a net shell. It is the summary of what you have written. Summarize the importance of English just in one sentence. Give your own point of view or any concern about the topic. For instance in the midst of many importance of English, you can highlight one of the challenges that are faced when using the language for communication purposes.

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