Fifteen Interesting Topics For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

The main feature of a compare & contrast essay happens to be the analysis of the differences and/or the similarities of two separate subjects. As soon as you choose the two topics that can be compared and contrasted in a meaningful manner, you must start to formulate your thesis and work out the organization of your paper. It is necessary that you pick the content carefully and provide interesting and convincing arguments in order to write a good compare & contrast essay.

Chalk Out an Outline for Your Argument

No matter what two subjects you choose, you should be able to contrast and compare them in a meaningful manner. They should be different enough to be contrasted but, at the same time, there should be sufficient similarities.

Do Extensive Research

Your research will help you gauge to what degree the two topics are dissimilar and/or similar. This will necessitate that you brainstorm, consult your sources, and analyse both subjects on a deeper level. As soon as you finish compiling your list, go through it again to check whether the listed points are meaningful or not. Pick the themes that are worth exploring beyond the immediate level.

Write a Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement will be a single sentence that lets the readers know in brief how exactly the subjects are dissimilar and similar and why the comparison between the two is significant. Usually, every thesis must focus on three main points of comparison and you should discuss three specific similarities and dissimilarities in your essay. You should try and show readers why one subject is more desirable than the other through your thesis statement and it should also help the readers make a meaningful comparison between the two topics.

Topic Suggestions

Here are fifteen topical suggestions that you may use for your next compare & contrast essay.

  1. Modern Perception of Socialism vs. Capitalism
  2. Merits and Demerits of Online Education and Traditional Education
  3. The Changing Face of Television – Reality Shows vs. Sitcoms
  4. Better or Worse – Books vs. Movie Adaptations
  5. Nuclear Power and Solar Power
  6. Human Nature – the Ego and the Superego
  7. Two Distinct Approaches to Parenting
  8. Female friends and Male Friends
  9. Ways to lose weight – Healthy vs. Radical
  10. Fame vs. Weath
  11. Women – From Past to Present
  12. Pollution levels in North America vs. South America – tracing the factors of pollution across a single landmass
  13. Perception and Sensation
  14. Spirit Worship vs. Idol Worship