Disneyland is a popular theme park found in California in U. S. A. Disneyland was opened and started operating in 1955 in July. Walt Disney will forever be remembered as he is the man behind the direction of Disneyland Park in California. The motivation and urge to come up with Disneyland Park was as a result of Walt Disney’s visit to various parks and the attractiveness of these parks. During his visits, Walter was accompanied by his daughters. Disneyland Park is very attractive and initially and currently draws the attention of many people. Wealthy people prefer a visit to the Disneyland Park for the weekends. Since the start of Disneyland Park, there have been changes in the park. The changes include expansion of the Park. Renovations have also been part of Disneyland over the years.

The Start of Disney Land and Purposes

Disney land started its operations in the year 1955. The director, Walter Disney had previously made visits to several parks as a benchmark to the idea of starting Disneyland. These visits were a source of motivation to Walter Disney. However, the major challenge in his project was financial resources. Funding required was not available. However, Walter struggled to acquire funds and was also funded by some organizations. Disneyland was mainly constructed as a source of attraction for both foreign and local tourists. Walter was thinking of ideas of how adults and children would have a place in which they would enjoy and have fun. Disney land is one of the parks with the highest cumulative attendance. Disneyland Park was started to be a symbolic source of joy, fun and hope for all people. The attractiveness of the park saw the Disneyland Park record high profits over the years. Since the opening of the Disneyland Park, there have been renovations to better the looks of the theme park. Expansion of Disney Park in the years saw the addition of the entertainment, dining, adventure and shopping parks. The area that previously surrounded Disneyland became part of the theme park. The profit-boosting in Disneyland was a huge accomplishment.

Controversies of Disneyland

There are some controversies associated with Disneyland Park. The theme Park suffered adverse publicity while it was initially being opened through the media that aired the event live. The management of the park originally left out black people in their employment policy. They, however, allowed the Asians to work in the theme Park.