Racism In Technology Advertisements

Unfortunately racism is everywhere, it may have mellowed in time but it has not stopped altogether. Advertisers try to appeal to a certain type of people by using certain styles that go horribly wrong.

Every advertiser has made this mistake at times. Many of them making it more then once. Sometimes racism is not intended but the finished product is taken wrong. Even though it is the facts that most races watch things that are similar to them, they just don't want it to show so much.

Everyone is familiar with the most common form of racism in technology advertisements, the color of someone's skin. But there are many types of racism in advertising that you may not even notice.

The language someone is speaking not matching the color of their skin or the geographical location of the advertisement. Most people seem to believe that a person in a country should speak only that language. When advertisers use another language than what is spoken in their country people seem to get offended.

Making notice of someone's physical attributes can also seem racist in certain aspects. Many advertisers embellish African Americans lips to make them seem like all people of that race have huge lips. It has also been cautioned that they have big white eyes and white teeth. Making it seem like that is the only thing you will see about them. Asians have been stereotyped as having black hair and slanted eyes and that all they eat is rice with chopsticks. Even though it may seem like something small, it is still racism.

The most played on type of racism is what a certain race may eat. Most advertisers use the thought that white people eat nothing but hamburger, hot dogs and mayonnaise. While African American eat nothing but fried chicken and waffles. Think about how many times you have watched a commercial for a fast food chain, what type of person do they personify the most.

Many of these noticeable racist advertisements happen during major events such as the super bowls, olympics and even political races. Many politicians try to make their staff diversified for a reason. They want to appeal to all races and they think if they have that race represented then they are covered.

All advertisers have made some big mistakes in racial advertising. Many of them have pulled their advertisements because of the feedback they received. But in one way or another they still have a long way to go before racism is out of advertising, if it ever will be.