How to Write an Analysis Essay on a Book: an Effective Manual

Books are the best way to kill time and increase knowledge about certain areas of life. A good book can reveal much about the culture and social infrastructure of a certain region and time. Inspirational books can motivate people to live a happier life with a positive approach. There are zillions of books in the world and even if you spend your whole life studying, you will never be able to read all the published books. Different books serve different purposes and have their own uniqueness depending upon the writer. If you are to write a book analysis essay, the first thing you need is a book to consider.

Choosing a book for your essay is not hard. Think of all the books you have read and choose the top three books that you could relate to the most. This way you will not have to understand and make sense of a complete book. You will just need to read the book another one or two times and you will be good to start writing your analysis. On the contrary, if you choose to write an analysis of a book you have never read, you might have to read it several times to only develop the understanding.

Whatever choice you make for the book, you will have to read it at least twice to complete your analysis. In the first reading, you would recall everything about the book, understand the main theme, and focus on the overall purpose of the book. Do not think about the setting, plot, characters, background, author’s approach, and other technical issues at this phase. Write a rough draft of the message you were able to make out of the book. Do not worry about the logical order and grammar at this point. You just need a rough sketch to see what most important things in the book left a mark on you.

After this first reading and drafting, you need to read the book again with a critical approach. Take a pen in your hand and mark whatever grabs your attention, you also need to have a keen eye for the areas that did not deliver a clear meaning. Stay very careful when you read the book and underline whatever you do not feel right in the overall setting.

Gather all your notes and write an essay based on them.