Climate: Russia

Anyone with a little basic knowledge of countries will know that the largest country of them all is Russia. The area that Russia occupies is so large in fact that it has a continental climate, where it goes from being extremely cold in the winter to extremely warm in the summer.

Much of the view that the Western world has of Russia is that it is always snowing there and while that is true during the right season, it’s also common to have normal weather with heatwaves. Here we will look at what makes the climate unique to Russia.

A Humid Climate

One of the reasons for the snowy climate is because of how Russia is located in relation to water sources. The continental climate makes the air humid enough to not be dry or airy. The airflow from the ocean is warm enough to keep it slightly humid but just dry enough for it to be common to have droughts in the winter.

The distribution of precipitation is year round in this case and evenly distributed because much of the country is tundra and forests. It’s what eventually defeated Napoleon’s army when they tried to invade Russia.

Sub-Tropical And Semi-Arid

It’s relation to the water also means that the coastal parts of Russia are, as expected, wetter than usual. Both of these climates combined produce harsher winters which are also more commonly known as a polar climate. The lowest temperature on record has been -71 degrees.

This also means that the country’s ability to produce agriculture is consistent throughout. This means that the land can produce every type of produce.

Dry Interior

Russia’s Southern mountain ranges have a lot to do with regulating this climate. The warm air from the indian and pacific ocean are obstructed which creates a dry interior. This also means that there’s very little moderation between the two seasons that Russia has of hot and cold.

This also causes some problems with regard to agricultural seasons and not without some help. Not to mention that the pressure built up for great amounts of snowfall is aided by these dry pockets.


Yes, Russia is the largest country in the world and very much an isolated kingdom with it’s own climate. Everything seems to be spacious and immense in Russia which is all true. And the conditions of the climate make the winters incredibly long which, once again, fits into the common model of what we think Russia is like.