Gender Reassignment

Gender reassignment is a process of changing a person’s sexual orientation from male to female or female to male through surgery and implantation of hormones of the desired sex.It also may be for the intersex people mostly the infants which happen without their consent. Gender reassignment only changes the Tran sexed individuals ‘characteristics but not necessarily their actions. This came by due to rapid advance in the knowledge of sex hormones after world war II.The expectations of the trans sexed individuals are met socially and emotionally but less of this is experienced physically and sexually after reshape or reconstruction of their genitals to and other body parts that assign gender to an individual like breasts and the Adams apple among others. The operation to change sex is only done after keen observation of the transsexual and establishing of their gender dysphonia and transsexual feeling by an endocrinologist. There are also some other medical considerations that make it hard to get surgeons for such operations. People living with AIDS and hepatitis C hardly get surgeons for such operations although other medical professionals say it is unethical for transsexuals to be denied hormonal treatments based on the fact that they are HIV positive or suffer from Hepatitis.

Male to female

For the male to female, it involves the genital surgery whereby the testicles are removed and the skin of the foreskin of the male genitals inverted so as to preserve nerve supplies and blood which is supplied with appropriate nerve endings to form a fully sensitive vagina.There are also some other procedures that may follow which are aimed at presenting such transsexuals fully as females. They can be enlarging the breasts in cases where the hormone therapy does not work out desired results, shaving the trachea to have feminine dimensions, changing the range of a person’s pitch in the vocal cords and augmenting the buttocks to look feminine.

Female to male

This involves two major stages. First, performing a surgery on the female to make them a real male chest. Thereafter another surgery is performed to make them have a genuine male genital orientation.

Gender reassignment is a comprehensive process that involves a series of steps in order to come to the desired change in the individual’s sexual functioning. It is said to be relatively easier and more effective in male to female than female to male. In both processes, the transsexuals first stay in their identified state under the observation by medical experts to establish the necessity and viability of the individuals to have such a change before the physical changes are made in their bodies.