Six Places To Check In Search Of A Decent Essay Format Example

Essay writing is definitely a challenging task because you do not only have to pen down certain information but you have to make sure that your writing is precise, relevant and most importantly follows the type and style of the paper. If you are to create an argumentative paper, then you would have to convince your audience of your ideas by giving supporting evidence and adopting a persuasive tone. However, in an informative paper, you do not need to argue or give your opinions rather you simply have to include relevant and valuable data about the given subject. So you see, the tone and style of your writing will change with each type of paper. However, what does not change while writing an essay is the format.

The basic format for writing these assignments remains the same with minor changes in the body. The first thing in your paper where you will open your assignment is the introduction. The introduction paragraph acts as a frame to transit the reader from his world to yours. You need to make sure that you use a hook in the opening statement which will engage the audience to find more about your paper. The thesis statement is also a part of your introduction. After the introduction you will have the body of your paper to present the major arguments followed by the conclusion to summarize everything you have discussed so far

If you are still not sure about formatting your paper in the right manner, then it is a good idea to look for an example. Examples are best way to learn because they practically show you how each section needs to be formatted. You can find a relevant example and see what you need to do

Here are six sources you can use to find good examples for your paper

  1. The internet
  2. The internet contains all sorts of papers and their examples for all grades. You can use the right keywords to narrow down your search

  3. The library
  4. Library is a richest place to find quality samples for your guidance

  5. Guidebooks
  6. Guidebooks with examples can be an easy source for you

  7. Friends and family
  8. Maybe able to help if they have interest or experience

  9. Seniors at college
  10. They can lend you their papers to follow as an example

  11. Portfolio samples