10 Solid Essay Topics That Will Make Your Paper Stand Out

Selection of a right topic is very necessary before you write an essay. It will make your paper stand out. If you have writing skills and you do not know how to utilize them. You could construct an essay but you need a right start and for that you need to have great raw material and enough data to include in your paper. You should have a good understanding of your subject so that you can easily attempt the paper without a hitch. After collecting material, arrange it in an order that you could make a good way to your start. To have a good start one should know his topic well. Selecting the best and solid essay topic is a staple in gaining you good grades.


If you do brainstorming, then you would easily come around a number of topics that would be fun to write on. If your advisor recommend you a list of topics but you do not know how to get a start. You get a pause in your writing. Just go for a topic you have some knowledge about. Consider this list of solid essay topics, if your brain gives you a positive signal on any topic then stop right away. You have come across the right topic. Grab your pencil and pen and start collecting information about the topic.

  1. A book that has helped me in improving my writing skills
  2. Effect of climate change in our lives
  3. Four amazing senses that human do not have, but animals surely do
  4. How to control your anger
  5. Fascinating facts about blind dolphins
  6. What to do at leisure time?
  7. How to manage my home task?
  8. Eating habits in an office
  9. How pollution effect our lungs?
  10. 10 basic rules that everyone should know about human’s psychology

These topics are selected very precisely. They are not repeated essay topics, which are easily available in general sample books. These are the topics that would never stop you from writing. If you want to create topics on your own, then you could take them as a guide. You could generate more topics or could edit these topics according to your interest. Moreover you could select a category and could write on it. This category could be about places, interesting facts, different cultures, history, health, education, food, style and money.