How To Write My Essay: Useful Tips & Tricks

You will be required to do a lot of writing over the course of your academic career. These papers may vary from small to very large depending on the class, the teacher and the particular assignment. Learning how to write and having some useful strategies will help you greatly along your way. Keep reading for a list of helpful tips for essay writing.

  1. Spend adequate time researching your topic. You can use online resources, go to your school or public library or utilize an academic database for search. Research librarians are very helpful for this type of search. Before you begin, make sure you know exactly what your teacher will accept when it comes to sources. For example, some teachers won’t let you cite Wikipedia because it’s not considered an authoritative source, yet it provides a good starting point for your research and can lead you to better sources.

  2. Make sure you write down detailed notes so you never have to try and remember which source you got certain facts from. Use the correct format for citations at the start so you don’t have to go back and correct them or look up the full source details later. However, if you don't know how to write your essay correctly, professionals from are always ready to help you.

  3. Remember that facts which serve to disprove your claim are also valuable to you. It’s common to be required to show contrary evidence and gives you something to dispute when trying to bolster your side of the argument.

  4. Study well-written papers in the same genre as the one you have been assigned. They will show you how other successful writers have done their papers. What looks good about them? How did the writer establish their stance? What strategies did they use?

  5. It’s equally valuable to study papers that weren’t well-written so you know what to avoid. Do you notice if they did their citations properly? Did they provide adequate research? Is their statement viable? Is their logic strong or faulty?

  6. Brainstorm your ideas. It might be helpful to have other people to say things back to you or try and broaden your ideas. You also need to focus your ideas and bring out the details. Write down everything you can think of. Try making a mind map. Take your time doing this step and enjoy the process. Take a walk and look around at pleasant scenery while you think of your topic. Ideas may pop into your mind and surprise you.