Expert Advice: How To Write A Strong History Essay

Are you in the process of writing a history essay, but are not sure how to write it to get the best grade possible? A history essay just like any other one can be improved by adequate preparation. With the volume of information out there on the internet preparing for even the most obscure history topic should not be a problem. Read on for some tips to increase your chances of writing a strong history essay.

  • Facts And Research
  • The strength of a history essay will depend on the volume and variety of facts that you are able to gather in order to write the topic. In fact almost every second sentence should contain some kind of fact or researched idea. Therefore, before even beginning to think about writing you’ll need to spend a lot of time on the research phase.

    The problem most students have is overwhelming themselves with a horde of historical facts. However, when it comes to putting all the facts together into a coherent essay they can’t make sense of it all. Therefore, it’s a good idea to categorize all of the information so that it can be easily accessed when you need it.

  • Stay On Point
  • History can be a very fast subject and therefore some students miss the point of their essay title. Giving hordes of factual information on something that is irrelevant to your piece will not get you additional marks. For example, if you are writing about battle strategies during the medieval era, don’t use facts from World War 2 and expect to get a lot of credit for that.

  • Timeline
  • When writing a history essay it’s best to present your facts in an order that follows a timeline. This lets the reader understand the flow of events. A poor approach would be to randomly present the facts as they pop into your head. This will create a disorganized essay that the reader might have trouble following.

To easily present your facts in a timeline you should sort your facts by time as you are retrieving them from various sources. By taking this step you will take a lot of the hassle out of writing the essay. Furthermore, by following the sequence of facts sorted by timeline you might come up with a few ideas on how to structure your essay. All it really takes is the grouping of relevant facts and time periods.