Devolution Of Human Beings

There is a few ways that scientists are starting to look at the devolution of human beings. Some scientists believe because of mutations in our genes, we are becoming a little bit dumber. And some blame Darwin’s natural selection on the devolution of human beings. Either way, they both agree that some devolution of human being is going on. There are a lot that goes into why scientists think that we are devolving. And you can ask anybody that has ever seen Idiocracy, which gives a little bit of a prediction of the human race.

One of things that scientists are looking at as the devolution of human beings is that we don’t have a natural selection process like we did just a hundred years ago. Modern medicine has made natural selection almost obsolete. Looking back just at the early 1900’s, if you think about how easy it was to die back them. For example if you had a child that was born with asthma, there was a pretty high chance that you child would die young. Because this child died, the gene for asthma wasn’t passed on to their children. You see where this is going; basically bad genes aren’t dying off anymore because of medicine. This is good and bad at the same time because the people live longer but they pass bad genes on.

You probably think that what was just said was a little harsh but when it comes to examining a subject like devolution, you have to look at why it is that way. Back to my reference to Idiocracy, in this movie it gives you a glimpse into what it might be like in the future if society keeps losing intelligent. This might happen in the future but most scientists don’t think we will lose too much intelligent and if we do, medicine and technology will be there to correct it if it arises. In a way we can also look at devolution as evolution because this is how we are evolving today. We may be slow devolving as human beings but things like medicine and technology that we have today continues to grow on a daily basis. This might not work in our favor as a society if it keeps bad genes alive but we are living longer because of these advancements in science and even though we might be losing some of our intelligent, it doesn’t mean we are all dumb.