A List Of Engaging Practice Essay Topics For College Students

The key to becoming a good writer is practice. Students should practice writing whenever they have free time. By reading examples and developing a personal voice, each student has the potential to become an A+ writer. For practice essay ideas, students can consider the following list. They can use the exact topics or modify them into an entirely unique idea.

Engaging Practice Essay Topics

  1. Do you value something more after struggling to achieve it?
  2. Many people avoid answering questions because they do not want to be wrong. If someone is unable to reveal what they know, are they actually able to learn?
  3. How does the current focus on standardized test scores harm a student's intellectual development?
  4. Becoming a politician, general or celebrity is appealing for many people. With greatness, is there also an increase in responsibility?
  5. In America, we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Is the pursuit of happiness something that should actually be a human right?
  6. Are there ever circumstances where it is okay to lie?
  7. Is torture ever justified?
  8. Do you believe that people learn more from their mistakes than from their successes?
  9. In some way, humans are all dependent on each other. Is there such a thing as true independence?
  10. What caused the current conflicts in the Middle East?
  11. How did the slave trade destabilize Africa and lead to many of the continent's current problems?
  12. Are there psychological benefits enjoyed by people who have many hobbies?
  13. If you won the lottery, how would you spend it?
  14. Would you rather become a world famous novelist or a Hollywood celebrity?
  15. What is a lesson that you have learned from making a mistake?
  16. How did the conservative movement of the 1960s shape today's Republican party?
  17. Are today's news shows actually news?
  18. What is your favorite time period in world history? Why?
  19. Are you a supporter of Plato or Aristotle?
  20. What subject in school interests you the most? Why?
  21. Instead of having immigration quotas, should every country practice open-border immigration?
  22. If you could become the citizen of any other country, what country would you choose?
  23. Do you believe that students should be required to learn a foreign language?
  24. The Founding Fathers intended Americans to be property owners and small farmers. Do you think that this is still an ideal goal for the average American?
  25. How did the recession change your career and academic goals?
  26. Do you think that physical education should be a required class?