Gun Control

Gun control seems to be aimed mainly at gun owners who have valid firearm licenses, as well as those who are attempting to obtain such a license. This raises a question as to why active gun control is not more focused on those who have illegally obtained weapons. People who own legal firearms do so because they wish to protect themselves against criminals—many of which own illegally obtained firearms.

Why do people have guns?

Gun ownership has an interesting history, one that should be taught more actively to children and teens. In time past, before any concept of democracy had been developed, empires and socialist nations exercised their rule over the public by means of weapons. The secret to this empirical system was that people were not allowed to own weapons of their own. However, when democracy was conceptualized, one of the most important parts of it was the right to bear arms. This was to prevent any governmental body from deciding to take over a country and exercise ultimate rule over civilians.

Guns will never go away

Another aspect to consider is that criminals own guns. This is not something that will every change. There will always be someone manufacturing guns, and someone to buy them; and while that is the case, there should always be a right for civilians to carry firearms as a means of protection. There is nothing underhanded about this—it is just logical that fire must be fought with fire where necessary.

A proper direction for gun control

Gun control laws would better serve the public if they were directed at identifying those who own their guns illegally. This is all in the interest of keeping people protected and going after the real criminals. To aim stricter gun control on everyone else is actually counterproductive because it limits people’s abilities to protect themselves.

The fact is: we will never be able to rid the world of guns; nor will we ever be able to confiscate every gun away from the criminals who own them. It is therefore imperative that before gun control laws be made any stricter, those promoting stricter gun control understand the fundamental principles gun ownership stands on. At the very foundation of a democratic society is the right to protect ourselves, our property, and our families. If any gun control should be done, it should be done on those who have not legally obtained theirs.