How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay Without Spending Tons Of Time On It

Analyzing a piece of literature can be difficult because you have to look at it differently. You have to analyze the text and find the meanings behind it. Most people read literature for fun and don’t think about the meaning behind all of it. When you are asked to do an analysis essay on a piece of work there are some easy things that you can do to help you better analysis the text.

How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay

  • If you are reading a book, after each chapter write down questions that you have about what you just read, then answer them as you go. This will keep the ideas of each chapter fresh in your head. You can also do this will a short story or anything else that you are asked to do an analysis on.
  • After you have are done reading, write down what happened in the story. You want to think of the theme, characters, setting, conflict, and all of the aspects of the story as you are writing it. This will help you better understand the story and if will help you write your analysis.
  • Now you can construct your thesis, what is the main thing that you want to analysis in the story. If you want some ideas, you can read other literary analyses online. You can usually find them on Sparknotes and Cliff Notes.
  • Think about the argument you are going to convey and organize how you want it to play out. Your argument has to have valid support from the piece of literature, so make sure you gather all of that before you start your argument.
  • Now you can start to write your essay, start with the introduction and make sure that it gets your reader’s attention. You want to start it off strong and keep them interested.
  • Each one of your body paragraphs has to have a main idea and support to the idea. If you don’t do this then your essay will fall apart before the reader gets to the end of your essay.
  • The conclusion of your essay should reinforce all of the information that you just gave the reader. This is your last change to give them the full analysis of your piece of literature so you want to leave them with something to think about.