What Is A Descriptive Essay: 8 Characteristics Of A Quality Paper

A descriptive essay is a type of essay in which a writer expresses his feeling towards a person, object, place or even an experience. The essay is generally about one simple thing all throughout. However, the writer needs to make the description as interesting as possible, even though the reader might already be aware of what he’s about to say. In this essay, the writer should make the reader see something quite obvious from a very different angle. The format is quite the same as the other kinds; introduction, body and conclusion.

However, formulating an ace descriptive paper need to portray certain aspects in perfection. These include the following:

  1. Introduction- the beginning of a good descriptive paper is always very special. Something not expected; extraordinary. Something that makes you want to go on and on. Therefore, make your introduction as interesting as possible.
  2. Layout- the points you choose to include in your writing should be well researched and informative. You need to ensure that the information is presented progressively.
  3. Capturing- the information you decide to give should be something that the reader most obviously doesn’t know. The chances of someone reading more of what they already know is minimal. Therefore, capture the reader’s attention by introducing facts that he/ she doesn’t know.
  4. Visualization- the point of the writing is quite obvious, but you need to make it look original. This is done by influencing the way you present your work. Use figures of speech that will make the experience of reading more real.
  5. Sensory experience- the whole idea of writing is to give the reader your perspective on the topic at hand. Therefore, you need to invite the reader into your world by describing the object or experience through the five senses. Make the reader feel the texture, smell, touch and everything about what you are describing.
  6. Viewpoint- there are two viewpoints in this kind of writing. The objective point that is purely factual and the subjective point that is based on your perception. The best way to bring out your point is by using the subjective point of view to supplement the objective.
  7. Theme- every good writing has a good message to pass along. Either a lesson or warning. Therefore, ensure that your message is reiterated a few times in the content.
  8. Conclusion- for your work to be termed as ace work. You need to ensure that the conclusion ends with a bang.