Main Characteristics Of A Reliable Essay Writing Service

Companies that specialise in academic content aren’t always trustworthy. Some of them are scams that merely imply they will provide content in exchange for cash but truly only intend to cull credit card information so they can engage in illegal activities at your expense. Not every student is aware of how to tell these bad apples from reliable companies. The fraudsters tend to work very hard to blend in with the real companies because this is the only way they can continue to operate. If you’re new to the industry, here are some things to look out for that indicate that a writing service can be counted on.


With the ease of entry in the world of online businesses, it is almost devilishly simple to set up a fake company. You should look out for companies that have a low standard of work available in their sample section. These will be easy to spot and dismiss. On the other hand, you need to be just as mindful of companies that have wonderful content that they have stolen from other sources. This is much harder to recognise. If after running a sample through a checking software you detect plagiarism, you can safely assume the company will try this trick on you again.


Sometimes a company is capable of creating the standard of work your teachers will appreciate but they have no concept of keeping deadlines. This is just as big a problem especially when you lose points for every day or even hour beyond the deadline that your assignment is submitted. Discovering punctuality issues requires you to look for the reviews made by past customers. Always be mindful that reviews can be paid for so if it rings false in your mind, disregard it. Paying for good reviews should be seen as a good indicator that a company has something to hide.

Good Customer Service

When you first start to explore the likelihood of working with a writing service, you will need to interact with their staff. Be mindful that if they are rude or incompetent, this is unlikely to change after you order your assignment. They may be even less helpful. This becomes a huge problem if you realise you need an adjustment midway through the assignment.

The shame that comes with being hoodwinked by a writing service will fade in time but the experience should be avoided to whatever extent you have the power. Keep these tips in mind for starters.