How To Write My Paper Properly: Writing Tips For Rookies

Do you want to improve your grades by handing in more A+ papers? Today we are going to go over some of the best writing tips that rookie student writers can use to improve their work. By following these 3 tips you’ll immediately notice your paper quality will improve.

  1. Work from an outline
  2. Before you sit down to write compose an outline and lay out what you want to say very carefully. Doing this will help you “plan” your paper before you write it so that it is more focused and flows nicely. Try to keep your paper under 5 paragraphs by using “the 5 paragraph essay outline. If you need to make your paper longer for word count adapt the “the 5 paragraph essay structure and apply it to a 5 section essay”.

  3. Read examples of high grade earning papers
  4. Another way to improve your paper quality and learn how to write better is by reading more examples. Reading examples that have been prepared by past students as well as expert writers will give you a better sense of what a great paper reads like. Then, you can use this familiarity when you write your own paper. A big problem that many students struggling with is not knowing what their paper should sound like or what makes their paper different than one that has been expertly prepared.

  5. Learn the formatting rules
  6. In order to avoid being docked grade points for making foolish mistakes study carefully the formatting rules for the assigned writing format. For example if you are expected to write all of your papers in MPA format pick up an MPA handbook and learn the important source citing criteria. Doing this will dramatically improve the quality of your paper format-wise. It will also help to assure that you don’t fail simply for using the wrong formatting structure.

Improving your writing won’t happen overnight. Like with anything you need to practice if you want to be excellent. However if you heed these three tips and study your writing skills you will see your evaluations improve. The most important thing is that you keep working at it and pay close attention to the notes that your instructor provides. Then, strive to make improvements each time a new paper is assigned, this is how you’ll learn.