The Top 10 Most Exciting Topic Ideas For Argumentative Essays

There is a germ in our body which helps us grow. It teaches us friction and by its virtue, makes us able to tackle roadblocks. Right from our kindergarten years, we face puzzle games; games which rack our brains. This is the complicity which prepares us for later life.

An alternative to debate

Argumentative essays play a great role in maximizing that opening. It is a much better alternative to debates; where you may forget essential points and thus weaken the premise of argumentation itself. While writing, you have got enough point to put your thoughts on paper, even if in the nature of a conflict.

The beauty of both sides

While it is all right for you to take one side in an argumentative essay, you should also strive in glorifying some aspects of the other side as well. After all, nothing is perfect and by the same logic, nothing is fully imperfect. There are winds blowing in the desert and deaths occurring in seas.

Making careful choices

The teacher should take time and use diligence in thinking of evocative argumentative essay topics. The topics should be relevant to the current times and should hold importance to college or high school kids. After all, they cannot be expected to argue on e=mc2.

Keep a neutral mind

It is necessary to think about a motion without predilection, color any bias. Only the white lights diffracts into seven lights. Similarly, only a neutral mind can perceive the highs and lows of particular topic.

Growth of students

Students should keep testing their knowledge with the help of arguments and listening to others’ views. Argumentative essays are nothing but a written declaration of this assertive statement. Let the child delve, explore and find.

Argument is everywhere

The scope for argument resides no matter what subject or space you look into. It is this germ which has led to the greatest thinkers the world has seen. It brings out the capacity to think in a non-linear way.

Here are 10 carefully chosen argumentative essay topics to benefit the readers.

  1. Should steroids be legalized?
  2. Should middle school kids be burdened with competition?
  3. Does size matter?
  4. Is Facebook a boon or an addiction?
  5. Should hardened criminals be rehabilitated or corporally punished?
  6. Women are better; men are superior. Comment
  7. Should sports betting be legalized everywhere?
  8. What is more important: Heredity or environment?
  9. Can money buy happiness?
  10. Are beauty pageants exploitative?