Family is the greatest blessing in the world by God. A blessing that is showered upon on almost the whole world, and comprises a mother, a father or just brothers and sisters, sometimes even friends. What makes family important is the powerful sense of belongingness, the unprecedented love, the glorifying affection and, the best part, someone to share world's best and worst feelings because that love and affection can make things a lot better being shared by a family and not just an individual himself.

Family is given to us but it is our responsibility to maintain happy family because families are about understanding each other. Therefore, it is necessary that every individual in the family should have the understanding to help a family member through a tough time and celebrate together during good ones. These days, there are some big challenges faced by families with the change in lifestyle and habitats. Every individual these days is so busy in his/her own lives that he/she fails to realize the real virtue of family. Their work, circle and "alone time" has shortened the time spent with a family. A truth about Indian families which is mostly admired around the globe is that Indian families have this amazing capability to stick together throughout their lives. Their children want to be with their parents as well. It has always been this way. Some children after finishing their academics join jobs, or business in their localities or some parents move if their children get jobs at far places. Even if their children find better opportunities abroad their parents find a way to live there too. This is the amazing ability to sacrifice for one another and describes the love that only a family could provide.

There are some people those who forget what a family is and for those it is necessary to understand what a wonderful gift they have. There are many people and children who have not seen their families for so long or even never either due to war casualties, motor accidents, or some of the toughest reasons for which they are suffering till day and some of them would suffer forever. It is ironic that some people have it and some people don't. Those who have it should realize the virtue of it and those who don't they could try and make a beautiful family by spreading love, affection and care throughout the world.

In the end, families are the biggest strength and the biggest influence to an individual's life. What stands beyond the egregiousness and cruelty of life, that's what family is.