What Is A Proper Essay Body Paragraph Structure?

One of the really good things about writing an essay is that the structure which has been used for generations and by millions of students really works. Of course the content of your essay needs to be terrific but you can rest assured that if you get the structure and in particular the structure of your body paragraphs correct, you give yourself an excellent chance of writing a wonderful essay.

Look upon the structure of your essay as being the equivalent of an architect’s drawings or plans for the building of a house. Architects do not reinvent the wheel. Yes they want to put their own personal touch on their design but the basic structure will always remain the same. You must do the same when creating your essay.

What are the body paragraphs?

They are the middle or the meat of your essay. The introduction at the beginning and the conclusion at the end are vitally important components but it is the strength of the essay which you create when you write your body paragraphs. How many should you have? That depends.

Your essay will have a set number of words. You will research the topic and find relevant material. From this research will come your main points. The structure of your body paragraphs is that you only have one main point in each body paragraph. Do not have more than one main point per paragraph.

Now each main point can be supported by a minor point or points. You can have more than one minor point in each body paragraph. And the order of your main points will be that the most important main point goes in the first body paragraph and the second most important main points will go in the second body paragraph etc.

You'll never include new material and especially not a main point in your conclusion. This is a summary of all that has gone before in your body paragraphs.

The secret to writing good body paragraphs comes in the creation of a good outline or plans. Once you have completed your research and made your notes you then place each main point in each body paragraph. You can sit back and look at the main points in the structure. Once you've got that right you are ready to write the actual essay. Of course the beginning and end must be strong but it is in those body paragraphs that you really display your knowledge.