12 Inspiring Ideas For Earth Science Essay Topics

Earth Science is known as the study of the Earth. Studying of the Earth can range from the mineral and dirt layers (located in the Earth’s core), natural resources (oxygen, minerals, crude oil, diamonds, etc…), to the ozone layer that can protect you from the sun’s UV rays. One of the most exciting developments that have been studied on Earth is how the Earth’s layers of crust develop precious minerals, gold, diamonds, oil. All four of these precious resources are remarkable and highly sought out by many. The study of the Earth’s resources, weather, movement, and history are just a few categories, to sum up, some possible writing topics. Take a look at the below list of potential essay topics dealing with Earth Science.

12 Earth Science Essay Topics:

  • The Change of Earth over the Past Fifty Years?
  • How to Care for our Earth Going Forward?
  • The Earth’s Underground Movement?
  • How are Mountains Formed on Earth?
  • How old is Our Earth?
  • How are Mountains Naturally Destroyed?
  • How to Become a Geologist to Study Earth Science?
  • What Would Happen if the Earth’s Orbit Slowed Down or Sped up?
  • How is Gold Formed?
  • How are Diamonds Formed?
  • Study the Weather Patterns across the Count
  • Studying the Plate Shift of the Continents?

It has been documented that the Earth frequently changes from weather patterns and storms to the mountains, valleys, and volcanos. Scientist tends to believe that the continents plates are shifting so much so, that in a few 100 years from now the lands and road maps would be unrecognizable to today’s society. However, Earth Science predictions and reports are so ever changing from year end, and year out; the best way to chart the Earth’s changes would be to research the past confirmed events and compare to the past predicted events. You have to know where you came from in order to see where you are going. Then there is the idea that the Earth is not over billion years old as claimed, but less than 6,000 years old. And that we were not formed by accident of planets and solar systems colliding a few billion years ago, but by one spoken phrase, “Let there be….light, dark, water and seas, land, animals, trees, sky animals and sea animals. Let the dark be called night, and the light be called day. And he that shall believe and trust in me shall have everlasting life.” Just a thought!