The Top 15 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

One of the most exciting high school essays that you will be expected to write is a controversial argumentative essay. It is designed to show you how to present your ideas in an essay format. You get to take a stand on a controversial issue that has been fought over in our society for some time and write about it. You want to make sure that you choose a topic that you feel really strongly about. One that you totally agree that it is right or one hundred percent agree that it is wrong. Below is a list of one side of the debate. You can change the topic to disagree or agree if you feel really strongly about the topic.

If you think that cell phones should be allowed in school no matter what and this topic is something that you are passionate about, then you should choose that topic. However, if you agree but it really doesn’t matter to you whether or not you have your phone, choose another topic. Have fun with this assignment by choosing something that really matters to you. You may make a difference. This is one paper in high school that you can be proud of.


  1. Cell phone use in school should be allowed
  2. Animal testing should be abolished
  3. Animal cloning is immoral
  4. School uniforms should be mandatory
  5. Abortion should be illegal
  6. Marijuana should be legal
  7. Homework should be discontinued
  8. Religion in school should be allowed
  9. Death penalty should be abolished
  10. Doctor Assisted Suicide should be allowed
  11. Violent video games lead to violence
  12. Recycling should be mandatory
  13. Same sex marriage should be allowed
  14. Health care should be free
  15. Human cloning should be allowed

Start your outline next. Come up with three reasons why you chose that side of the issue and one reason the other side uses as an excuse. In this essay format, you include your oppositions view as well and then smash it to pieces. Have fun with this essay. You won’t usually find any other essay types that you will be asked to write in high school that you can enjoy. This is the one essay that you can really prove that you are right on a topic. It is your chance to make a difference by presenting some solid information to support your side of the cause.