Top 10 Short Essay Topics: Thinking Outside The Box

Writing an essay might seem like quite a difficult task for some people. However, once you get that stream of thought in your head, it becomes much easier. You’ll have a chain of ideas that you can grasp and put onto paper. Short essay writing might sound a bit easier, and it is indeed, at least due to the smaller amount of work you need to complete. However, if you do not have a topic (a reflection of the main idea of your composition), writing might be a bit of a challenge.

Here is a list of some short essay topics that would help your paper stand out:

  1. If time travelling was possible, what event would you like to see if you could pick only one? Would it be in the past or in the future?
  2. What do you think was the biggest failure the human race has seen throughout its history? How could it be avoided?
  3. Some say that communication used to be more pleasant in the past because there was not so much technology. What do you think about it?
  4. The character traits that make a boss a good leader.
  5. How is it possible for people to fall in love? Is it just a physical change in their bodies, or something spiritual?
  6. Ants work, communicate with each other, have specific duties and tasks, are governed by the others, and live in groups. Can they be called a nation?
  7. The reasons to listen to a speech. What makes a speaker interesting and persuasive?
  8. Can violence on TV be an explanation of somebody’s vicious actions? Should brutality be prohibited in the media?
  9. What makes a conversation in a circle of friends boring? How is it possible to make a discussion more interesting?
  10. The advantages and drawbacks of cheating as a student. Why do students try to trick the educational system?

Short essay writing is not that difficult. Once you have picked a topic, write down your opinion and expand it with other arguments in the text. You do not need to do that much research, but you should describe both viewpoints on an issue and state yours. It is necessary to keep the proper composition construction. Once you have finished writing, it would be a good idea to read your essay out loud and ask yourself questions about it. For instance, check whether it was not too long or if it was interesting enough.