How Could TV Be Better

Today we live in the age of technology. However, as it is developing, there are more and more negative aspects being highlighted. What people ignore are the various benefits associated with it. Television for one is a machine berated perhaps the most. It is also condescendingly called the idiot box.

Here are some ways in which this idiot box can actually help you.

  1. Watch your TV sparingly. Do not overdo it. This is the first and foremost rule. However, if you absolutely must, watch it from a safe distance so that it does not strain your eyes. Moreover, take a short break of five minutes or so after every hour.
  2. Use TV for advertisements. It is the most effective medium for marketing. This is mainly because it has a tremendous viewership. To watch TV you do not have to be literate in any sense. There are visual and audio messages that you can receive even if you can't talk.
  3. Use TV to create awareness. There are so many issues and warnings that can be given via TV. For instance, if there is a storm coming up, TV would be very effective in relaying the information. Moreover, in case there is a vaccination drive in the area, it could be broadcasted on television. Other issues of social relevance can also be spread to educate people.
  4. Watch informative shows. Television offers a number of shows that are educational in nature. Channels like National Geographic and Discovery inform you of the flora and fauna and everything happening around the world. Then there are channels like BBC Food and TLC that teach you new things. As far as kids are concerned, there are a number of shows that make nursery rhymes, counting and alphabets so much fun for them to learn.
  5. Sit in the correct posture. It is imperative that you do so because most people ignore it and later complain of back aches. Televisions are normally said to make couch potatoes out of people. Thus, make sure you do not binge-eat while binge watching.

Always remember that any technology if used in the right way will never negatively impact anyone. Moreover, using everything in moderation is the key. So, before you blame TV for being an idiot box, reevaluate your choices and what you are watching on the television. This will help you make better use of TV.