Shootings In Schools

It is sad when children go to school and not return home to their parents in the evening may be because they got shot at school. Whenever cases of shooting occur in schools, people take to social media and post all kind of things to condemn the act. It is sad to not that nothing much concerned with changing the state of things and avoiding future shoot outs in the schools is done. With time the anger disappears until maybe in future when another shoot out occurs. It is a collective role to make sure that we create a safe schooling environment for our children. This is a responsibility that cannot be left to teachers and the government alone. In case a kid has any problem, the parent should note before it is noted by the teacher at school. It is the parents who know their children behavior better and can easily tell if there is any problem. If we take it as our role to guide our sons and daughters’ and be there for them to help them get through difficult situations, then we are on the right track in curbing the menace of shootings in schools.

Causes of shootings in schools

The main cause of shootings in schools in never addressed in the media. Most of the times, they miss the facts and report things that did not happen just to have a catching story. The main cause of school shootings is bullying in school. Students who have stayed in the school for a long time want to harass other students. They beat them up and take their things away. The new students do not know what to do and especially if they are male. They will keep their problems to themselves. If the parents and teachers are keen they cannot fail to notice behavior changes in these troubled students. If the problem goes on unsolved, some students may seek ravage and may come to school with guns. They may want to scare others or just to feel protected. Teachers should also be cautious on how they handle students. They should not handle students in unnecessarily harsh manner.

Keep weapons out of School

The school management should improvise a way of keeping weapons out of school. Most students who have been reported of having weapons at school belong to the upper class in life and those whose parents are police men. Parents who own guns should make sure that they store them in places where their children do not have access to them. Action is always better than reaction.