Reverse Speech


There have been various groundbreaking discoveries in the human potential sphere and; in communication, however, reverse speech has come out as one of the most stimulating one. The discovery is based on the basic technique of playing back speech that has been recorded in reverse. It has been observed that the consequences are an intriguing gateway into higher levels of the unconscious mind. There lies another aspect of communication within the structure of the language that human beings use. There are instances where individuals communicate and get a different feeling from the words used. There are different forms of communication such as body eye contact, language and the use of signs that can be used to show a person’s motive. Additionally, there are individuals that get the feeling from intuition and energy from other’s energy. This being said; there is no comparison between the different forms of communication and the impact of one getting to listen to words coming straight from their subconscious.

Reverse speech was accidentally discovered in Australia by David Oates in the 80s. During this time, he was a music director for teenagers when he heard rumors that some of the rock music that was being played in the airwaves has demonic messages. He proceeded to listen to the lyrics by using a damaged tape recorder to play the music backwards. Following this activity, he could hear the words in the music clearly. He was interested in this study, and this resulted to a detailed study of the new science that is termed as reverse speech.

Part 1: Claims made by reverse speech

All the claims regarding reverse speech were made by David John Oates, who discovered it. He stated that the subconscious mind is the haven for hidden meanings, unavoidable honesty and the truths that deep in the hearts of individuals. He further stated that the unconscious mind relays information back and forth to the conscious mind within a span of ten to fifteen seconds. As a result, the conscious mind the reverses or arranges the information that directs individuals to communicate in forward speech. Oates, therefore, concluded that for individuals to get the actual meaning in their communication, they should tape it and listen to it backwards. The major claims of reverse speech are discussed below.

The first claim lies in the definition of reverse speech where he stated that it was the kind of human communication that is generated spontaneously by the human brain. It takes time during a speech, and it is entrenched backwards in the sounds that are made during communication. This earlier unexplored function of the mind is the mind’s liberated voice (sic) that comes from the deepest parts of consciousness. In relation to this claim, Oates stated the forward speech takes part in the left part of the brain while reverse speech is from the right side of the brain.

The second claim is that Oates made he made numerous important discoveries such as children pick up how to speak backwards prior to learning how to speak forward. Furthermore, he stated that what is commonly regarded as baby talk in essence deep thought from the subconscious minds. The third claim is based on the premise that reverse speech is the essentially the voice of truth. It means that, if a lie is uttered forward, then the truth may be relayed backwards. In other terms, it can be used as a truth or lie detector. Reverse speech reveals the truth if one speaks a lie as well as any additional facts that are not included in the speech. For instance, reverse speech indicates if one is lying when asked about the name of an accomplice or any evidence on the location. This claim is indicative of specific proponents of neuro-linguistic programming who stated that they can identify when one is lying by simply looking at their eye movements. Oates noted that the detection can be avoided by communicating through the palindromes.

The fourth claim states that ninety-five of the individuals’ thoughts are below awareness. He added that the reverse speech can refer to unconscious issues such as behavioral agenda and personality pattern; it can disclose experiences and hidden memory and can define the state of the physical senses. At the highest level of human awareness, reverse speech refers to the state of the relationship between the human soul and God.

The fifth claim states that the reverse speech is mostly metaphorical and is communicated in parables and pictures in a similar fashion to dreams. Besides, reverse speech analysis is claimed to be a therapeutic instrument that is used for psychoanalysis. The metaphors give a comprehensive outline of the mind and usually point the specific reasons and the reasons behind the problems caused. Used in combination with hypnosis it can be used as an exceptionally permanent and powerful kind of behavior change. It summary, similar to other claims, Oates gives no evidence to support these claims, and there is significant evidence against his arguments.

Has it ever been helpful?

Oates states that reverse speech has been successful in various areas whereby it offers practical solutions to the problems that are prevalent in these areas. It is noted that that this tool is important in various field including criminology, child psychology, psychological therapy, behavior therapy as well as counseling. He claims that the benefits of reverse speech can mainly be realized in child psychology by helping children with communication and learning disorders. This results to improved learning among children with autism. Reverse speech has proven to be effective in criminology as it can be used as a lie detector. Additionally, it is used in revealing imperative details concerning a crime such as the name of the accomplice as well as the crime scene.

Reverse speech can be adopted business, and it has played a significant role in decision making. It has been discovered that embedded messages can be used in hiring practices, choosing investments as well as the allocation of resources. Further, it can detect unconscious patterns and beliefs the jeopardize success. Potential business partners can reveal more information through reverse speech. In television and radio advertising, the hidden message can helpful as much as detrimental to a campaign. Voicemails made during the first contact with the company are important as they bear a hidden message that could be pivotal to a marketing strategy.

The Language of Babies

The reverse speech theory states that babies start speaking in reverse even before they learn how to speak in a coherent and comprehensive language. What is widely referred to as baby talk could be reverse speech. It goes ahead to prove that individuals learn reverse speech in a move to protect themselves from those that could show their genuine feelings against them. Babies are born without inhibitions, and it is only reasonable to note that they would learn to communicate from their subconscious first and later learn to organize their speech in a forward way. It is widely seen as a defense mechanism method. Research has shown that reverse speech among babies advances throughout their development. Babies start using reverse speech at the tender age of four months where they make use of single word reversals only. As they advance in age, they can join more words together. They start using metaphors at the age of eighteen months. These metaphors are learned from their parents. At two years, reversals are intricate as it is during this period where future behavioral patterns and, personality are being developed.

There are various examples that are from the language used by babies that can be used to support the above-discussed claims. First, a four months child can make sounds such as “Mummy Mummy” both forward and backwards. Oates gave a second example of his thirteen months old daughter. During one instance, she was reaching a cup that had been placed on a high surface, but could not. The reversal stated “David. Help me.” The forward speech stated Daddy, and this is the reversed word David, which is the forward-word that stands for daddy. It shows that the inception of speech complementarity and that the young child is starting to link ideas such as David is Daddy.

There has been overwhelming evidence that shows that reverse speech can be re-learned. In actual fact, this is the way through which Oates learnt about its existence in the first place. Oates has been training students for over twenty years, and this research has indicated that it takes a couple of months for an individual to begin identifying the actual reversal and stop understanding it as gibberish. It is done by giving students homework assignments that have numerous phrases that are basic projections. After a few months, the students can attest to hearing messages that other individuals do not and this shows that reverse speech can be re-learned. The second way in which reverse speech can be relearned is through listening to tapes containing messages that have been recorded in reverse. After a few months of practice, these individuals learn reverse speech.

Part 2: The Evidence

This section looks into the evidence that proves the existence of reverse speech and the proof that it can be re-learned. There are various examples that support the existence of reverse speech in practical situations. The first example focused on Neil Armstrong’s speech when he landed on the moon. He stated “That’s a small step for man.” The reverse message reflects “Man will space walk”. It can be seen as a manifestation of his thoughts that man would keep on going into space. The second example looks into one of the most memorable moments in the American history during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. At the precise moment when the shooting occurred, the commentator stated “He's shot bad. Hold it. Try and look up.” It indicated his thoughts at the moment.

It has been observed that reverse speech can be re-learned based on the evidence presents from twenty years of study. This experiment was observed while training students on how to use reverse speech. These students were often given assignments that have messages that are simple representations of speech. After months of practice the students can confirm hearing what other individuals do not. This being said; there are major loopholes that are observed from the evidence and can be termed as fallacies to the theory.

Part 3: The problems with the evidence

The burden of proof behind any evidence is based on the question on whether its existence can be proven. There are no peer-reviewed journals or empirical investigations that support the idea. Additionally, there has been no data collected to confirm its existence and implications. Although, there are research papers that have been presented on the website to support research speech claims, they are not indicative of the fact that empirical or scholarly was conducted to support them. The other point that is of note is that the website seems like a merchandising venture that sells a variety of goods such as books, t-shirts and tape recorders. Nonetheless, it is believed that it is impossible to prove the concept of reverse speech, and, therefore, it does not exist.

The second fallacy states that the theory is ecologically unsound. It is because backward speech does not hold any meaning to the listener and thereby does not make sense. It has been proven empirical. The ability to speak through language is an amazing development that is believed to have taken place during evolution. If indeed, reverse speech existed, it would not be coherent and would have no practical worth. Therefore, reverse speech could be largely viewed as a ‘miracle’ and miracles do not exist.

The other fallacy relating to reverse speech lies in its source. According to the theory, reverse speech does not come from the subconscious mind but instead, it has a spiritual source. This voice can be credited from God, angels and demons and in some instances from the spirit of God. The final fallacy that is associated with the theory is the popularity of reverse of metaphors. There is no simple way of explaining metaphors and this makes it highly complex.

Part 4: The real reason advocates believe it

The actual reason its proponents believe in it lies on the observation that humans hear what they want. Human speech has two distinguishing yet, complimentary modes and functions. The one that is spoken forwards which is termed as the overt mode and one that is spoken backwards that is termed as the convert mode. The two happen simultaneously, and one is believed to be a reversal of the other. Reverse speech comes from the subconscious mind and; individuals can get the actual message of the message that is being communicated. Our subconscious gets a different message from the information that is being communicated. It explains the reason behind the claim of the supporters of reverse speech that, people hear what they want to hear. Various studies have been conducted on reverse speech and, the results are promising to show that the theory is valid.

Part 5: Is there a Link between our Conscious and Unconscious Language

A detailed analysis of reverse speech reveals that there is a link between conscious and unconscious language. The process of language is twofold meaning that it has the forwards and backwards aspects. According to reverse speech, forward speech takes part in the left side of the brain that represents the conscious mind. On the other hand, backward speech takes part in the right side of the brain that is viewed as the subconscious mind. The backwards and forward speech occurs simultaneously, and this shows there is a well-established linked between the conscious and subconscious language.


In a nutshell, the above discussed looks into the reverse speech theory that was discovered by John Oates in the 1980s. He has furthered his research to date that is based on the argument that there exists a hidden language that is recorded backwards in speech. This theory is dominant in child speech that claims that children learn to speak backwards then forwards. The evidence provided by the theory is insufficient and cannot be scientifically proven. However, additional research should be done in the area as it could be the answer that is needed in criminology, child psychology and business.

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