Health Care Accessibility Discussion

With the development of new technologies, doctors have been able to deliver better quality healthcare services to the patients. In addition, this has also led to cutting of additional costs and associated overheads. However, the US government is still trying to find out more and better options of healthcare access to the people of US so as to cut down the additional costs and increase the comfort level of the people that are accessing such healthcare products and services.

The goal of the US government is to improve the present state of accessibility of the healthcare services. Before providing either the medicines or any healthcare services, it is important to improve the accessibility; only then, the patients will find it easy to use such medicines and other quality healthcare services.

Access to healthcare services is important from several perspectives. It helps for easily gaining an entry into the healthcare system. Further, it will help the patients to easily detect the healthcare provider, which will further increase the trust between the two entities. One can easily prevent the disease outspread in the time of crisis. Further, the quality of services will improve, which will improve the life expectancy rates of the given nation.

However, the current major barriers to such services include high costs, lack of availability, lack of reach, and lack of proper insurance coverage amongst all the people of the nation. This will further lead to delays in receiving proper care to the respective patients, will lead to inability in getting proper preventive healthcare services for the patients, and finally, would increase the hospitalizations, which in other case would have been prevented. Hence, it is important to work in this direction and prepare for different initiatives that will actually help people in easily accessing the desired healthcare services.

Managed care is a healthcare delivery options that has an objective of providing healthcare services to all the classes of the people in the given society. It is also dealing with the legal issues for Telemedicine such as physician licensing, reimbursement, and online prescribing. Managed care has tried to remove the barriers associated with the different models of healthcare delivery. Managed care has thus tried to improve the quality of the primary care. However, still more number of efforts is required so as to improve the present situation of accessibility of healthcare.